2004 South African Strongman Championships


EVENT 8: Medley and Final Results

Gerrit thought up an interesting medley for the final event: Two 120kg (264lb) farmer's walk suitcases had to be carried over 20 meters followed by a 200kg (440lb) centre weight carried between the legs back to the start line and to top it off a Husafell stone of 150kg (330lb) had to be carried another 20 meters. Let me tell you, this sounds easier than it is. Everybody managed to complete the farmer's walk and the centre weight carry. The stone in the form of a steel Africa motif was another story, though. Only four guys completed the full medley. Being one of those guys I can tell you that this was incredibly hard! I almost passed out when crossing the finish line. The scoring worked such that if you didn't complete the entire medley you got no points. Fair enough.

Seeing that so few of the athletes registered a time on this event I decided against attempting to project the results into graphical form. Instead, here is a table listing the final results of this event.



Ettiene Smit


Johan van Heerden


Arno Lambrechts


David Cooks


Johan van Huyssteen

2 Items + 10m

Rory Scheepers

2 Items + 10m

Willem Moore

2 Items + 10m

Marthinus de Bruyn

2 Items + 2m

Jason McGinn

1 Item + 2m

Eben le Roux

1 Item + 2m

Hennie Jordaan

2 Items

Willy Kearny

2 Items

Stephan Claassen

2 Items

For the fourth time out of eight events Ettiene came out tops with a brilliant 1:04. The next three positions were close together with Koffie on a very good second place and me and Dave bringing up positions 3 and 4. For the first time in this competition Koffie's true potential became visible. Another two very good performers were Willem and Rory, who came close to going the full distance.

Here's the man!


If you've read this far I'm sure that you're in no doubt as to who the 2004 South African champion was. That's right, it could only be one man, Ettiene Smit. Throughout this competition Ettiene looked in a class of his own and he was never seriously challenged. Below are the final results after all eight events:

Having said that, defending champ David Cooks always looked impressive and, had Ettiene slipped up anywhere, he would have been champion again. In fact, both Dave and Ettiene had three events where they finished out of the top 3 placings.

Personally I'm very happy with my third place. I couldn't have hoped for more even though I was surprised how close I got to Dave in the end. Johan had another consistent and very respectable performance in fourth and Johan van Heerden showed the stuff that he's made of in fifth position even though he wasn't in prime shape this year. As you can see in the results, there's a distinct gap between position 5 and 6 with the rest of the field evenly spaced.

My congratulations go to Ettiene on such a beautiful performance.

Some pictures taken during the medley are available below.


Marthinus on stage 3 of the medley.

Rory on farmer's walk.


Rory fighting the Africa motif.

Rory demonstrating how all of us felt after this event.


Willem on farmer's walk.

Willem on centre carry.

  Stephan on centre carry. Koffie on the last leg of his excellent run.
  Johan on centre carry. Me nearing the finish line.
  Dave on farmer's walk. Dave running with the centre weight.
  Dave finishing off. Ettiene on leg 1.
  Ettiene becoming SA Champ 2004